Labscope Buyers Guide

Some labscopes are designed for automotive use with preprogrammed tests built in, others are mainly designed for the electronics field and you will have to learn how to set them up and get waveforms on the display. Some have an auto ranging feature that will get the waveform on the display and then you can change the settings to your preference. Most labscopes are expensive, so make sure you get the one that's right for you. If you buy one that is not setup for automotive, be prepared to spend some time learning how to use it. If you want one that's easy to use, get one that's built for automotive. Not sure if you even need one? Read my personal opinion on handheld labscopes, and how they have helped me. For a tutorial on labscopes, I recommend the Tektronix site.


Go to these sites for some of the more popular Automotive Labscopes.

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AES sells most major brands of scopes, and they offer high quality probes and accessories.

Lucas Test Equipment has a nice handheld along with a full line of other test equipment.

.Fluke's latest is the 190 series They also have the small 123

I own the 123 for its size, and both of these will require probes geared for automotive use, and they take time to master.

Tektronix handheld THS-700 series are small, lightweight, and have a clean bright display. I use the 710A for most of my diagnostics, and most of the waveform images here were captured by it. These are also not setup for automotive use, and have some limitations.

Check out the new Vetronix MTS 5100 4 channel scope.

Offering the the hot new Perception, the Vision II 4 channel, and other high quality tools.

Major-Tech's MT740A 1 channel Scope

Seintek S2800 2channel Automotive Scope Meter

LeCroy Literunner Not a handheld, but a nice looking small unit, would be great for in shop on a roll cart.

Protek 50Ms/S Sampling Rate, Hand-Held and battery operated 2 channel.

Tenma sells a 20MHZ, 2 channel for only $757.

Tenma also sells a 2MHZ, 1 channel for only $329.

TPI sells this nice unit and a lot of other testproducts.

Allison Technology now offers these two one channel low cost scopes.

Here's an interesting Scope, LG Precision 100Mhz 2 Channel Notebook Labscope with 5" LCD, 5GS/s Sample rate, $1395

Extech low cost One channel Scope $299

Scope Plus 440 Handheld One Channel $299

Ferret Instruments now has a website, go check out some of their test equipment and labscope accessories.

Escort Instruments Corp has a complete small diagnostic package that does it all. 

Labscope-Scanner-Meter combo

Makers of the fine Mastertech Scanner/Scope and Tech1A scanner. My personal choice.

Delphi Systems DS800TM is a cutting edge wireless information system which connects to vehicle's on-board computer to accurately pinpoint engine or electrical faults.

Blue Streak Electronics Scantool Scope DMM Combo

Nextech Hi- Scan Pro Scantool 2 Channel Labscope Combo.

Interro Systems 4 channel unit is available with several different options, go check them out.

Snap On tools with the very popular MT-2500 Scanner offers a variety of handheld testers.

Labscope Software

For labscope software to capture waveforms to PC's.

Catch a Wave with AES's waveform capturing software.

News Flash!... AES is now allowing you to download a 14 day trial version of their software, go here to register for the download.

OBDII Hardware and Software

For OBDII Hardware and Software that connect to laptop and desktop PC's.

EASE Simulation offers the hot new OBD II PC Based Scan tool software (Win95-NT) that works on both ISO 9141-2 and SAE(J1850)-VPW 10.4KB, PWM 41.6KB protocols. 

Advanced Vehicle Technologies


HOT! New PDA Based Hardware and Software

Hardware and Software for your Palm or Handspring PDA.

Auterra Generic OBDII Scanner for your Palm or Handspring Visor PDA.

InjectoClean Generic OBDII Scanner for your Palm or Handspring Visor PDA.

Ease Diagnostics Generic OBDII Scanner for your Palm or Handspring Visor PDA.

Baum Tools OttoScan Generic OBDII Scanner for your Palm or Handspring Visor PDA.

InjectoClean Two Channel Labscope Module, Transforms your Palm or Handspring Visor PDA. 

PC based Labscopes and Data Acquisition

For labscopes and Acquisition units that operate on laptop or desktop PC's. 

Pico Technology has put together a complete kit that has everything needed to get started with PC Based testing. PC based advantages, large display area, lots of storage area for saved screens, and the software is setup for automotive use, Only $1175 for the advanced kit above. Go here for details and demo software.

Velleman 64Mhz Two Channel Scope for PC

Allison Technology


DATAQ has a good tutorial on PC based Data Acquistion.

Nicolet 8 Channel Vision, truly overkill, looks very expensive.

IOtech Corp has this portable, USB, 8 channel, Optically isolated unit, perfect for looking at multiple inputs, for relational analyisis.

Link Instruments

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